I've set up this blog so you can read all about Dad's Big 80th Birthday bash that we held on January 29. There are a lot of photos to post so please just scroll down at the far right to link to each page. When I have them all posted I'll create an index.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Dad's Party photos #3

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  1. Wow Jenny, It all looks just awesome! Love how the candy table worked out, and your other table decorations. You did SO GOOD! Your dad looks so happy too. Bet you got lots of hugs! The location is perfect. And everyone who dressed up must have had fun just being silly. Your Dad and Hubby look just *dashing* You too! Oh, which one's your Mom? Well, now that's it's over, you can rest for a bit...till you figure out something else fun to do! Love all this music too (O:
    I'll keep checking back cause I know there's more! You're just a hoot!